The Six Woes and Judgments of Isra’el ~ Part 3 ~ Yesha’yahu 5:22-30 

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In my last post, we continued to unpack the next three woes of Isra’el in Yesha’yahu 5:18-21. We covered the next three of the six woes Yesha’yahu declares to Isra’el. In this post, will conclude our examination of the last of The Six Woes and Judgments of Isra’el ~ Part 3 in Yesha’yahu 5:22-30.

The sixth and final woe returns to the earlier issue of alcoholism and twisting justice for money.

22 Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, men whose power goes to mixing strong drinks, 23 who acquit the guilty for bribes but deny justice to the righteous!

The Bible Background Commentary has this to offer regarding the issue of strong drinksin this period.

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages was available in the ancient world. Wine (from honey, dates or grapes) and beer were the most common. What is classed…

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