church-angels-shepherds-field-betlehem-palestine-beit-sahour-east-35933860RUINS OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF CAPERNAUM

READ MARK 1:23-26

The synagogue shown above was built in the third century A.D.  It was the most beautiful landmark in the area.  It’s walls were made of pure white limestone and decorated with hand crafted sculptural ornamentation.  This was not the original synagogue where Jesus taught, but is located in the same area as the one pictured.  Synagogues were places used to teach the scriptures – where people would gather and hear the priests deliver readings from God’s Word.  It was a place of meeting, teaching and learning.

Jesus and His disciples made Capernaum their home base.  It was a place for them to rest, to recharge and also a place for Jesus to teach.  From there they would travel to the hill country and cities around the Sea of Galilee.

While they were there, a man approached Jesus and cried out in a loud…

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