The Lions Den

Was having a conversation with a rather smart woman and we were speaking of stars, light, night, time, space, matter, and this naturally led to many further fine thoughts and observations. A moment in time. Words spoken. Thoughts considered. Where were you? Where are you? Where am I? Now? and I then asked her: Why is the sky so blue?

After the customary trading of opinion, she asked me: ‘So, what do YOU think?’ Aah, music to my ears, when someone asks what do you think about this or that, and after a long pause I immediately said this:

The blue sky is the floor of heaven.

Which also means that the stars are dotted jewels upon God’s watered carpeting. And that further below float the clouds, like the dust of His feet. Perspective is a wonderful master teacher.

After all, there is this thing called the firmament, of which…

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