Jesus and Capernaum (Part 2)

A Word in Edgewise

Capernaum is not mentioned in the
Old Testament. Although we cannot say for certain, it is probable any
local population would have been killed or otherwise displaced in the Assyrian
invasions in the 8th century BC. In fact there is little material
evidence of human settlement before the 2nd century BC. Later Jewish
writers refer to Capernaum as “Kefar Nahum” (the village of Nahum—not
likely the biblical prophet). Apparently, Capernaum was the site of some of
Jesus’ earliest miracles, a fact that didn’t escape the hometown crowd in
Nazareth (Luke 4.23). Matthew tells us that Jesus healed the centurion’s son
from a distance in Capernaum and went on to heal Peter’s mother-in-law (Matt
8.5, 14). He healed a paralytic after four of his friends peeled back the
roof of a modest Capernaum house and lowered him in front of the Savior on his
mat (Mark 2.1; Matt 9.1-8)…

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