Another’s Tragedy is Not About Us

Jamin Bradley

As we’re all well aware, this past week at least 50 Muslims were killed by a shooter in New Zealand. Across religions and racial boundaries, we weep with the Muslim community; for a tragedy like this is able to bring anyone to their knees in mourning.

That being said, as a pastor I’ve been put off by some posts being shared on social media since this event happened. I’ve seen several posting articles about persecuted Christians around the world, some of them persecuted by Muslims. As I read their comments, it feels like some are saying, “What happened to these Muslims is awful, but…”

But what?

A man just walked into a mosque and open fired on innocent people all around him while live-streaming it to Facebook for people to watch and share. So, but what?Do we really need a disclaimer to follow this atrocity? There are a few…

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