The Kingdom of God Through the New Covenant: The Kingdom Covenants Part 2

Fresh Ground Theology

We will focus on the New Covenant in our study. Just like the Mosaic Covenant formed the basis for the Old Testament kingdom, so too the New Covenant forms the basis for the New Testament kingdom. And so as new members of that Kingdom, we need to study the New Covenant because the it is the foundational to our understanding of our role in the Kingdom. Unlike the Mosaic and the Abrahamic Covenants, there is no text of the New Covenant in the full legal form. We do not have a passage that says: As for God, here is what he will do. As for man, here is what he will do. However, we do have abundant promises of the content and effect of the New covenant. One promise is that the New Covenant establishes a personal relationship between God (the King) and his people (the citizens). Another promise of…

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