Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

Son of God

Jesus is the Son of God. Everyone knows it including the demons Jesus encounters. Satan himself knows it. I know it. You know it.

The question though was what business does the Son of God have messing with us? Jesus comes to deliver us. That is how much God loves us.

When he saw Jesus a long way off, he ran and bowed in worship before him—then bellowed in protest, “What business do you have, Jesus, Son of the High God, messing with me? I swear to God, don’t give me a hard time!” (Jesus had just commanded the tormenting evil spirit, “Out! Get out of the man!”) | Mark 5:6-8 (The Message Bible)

When Jesus and the disciples landed on the other side, they encountered two demoniacs, one of whom was especially vocal. This entire scene seems very unreal to us who live in so-called…

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