I measured in at five feet tall, during may last medical exam.  I’m short.  I’m also a sinner, just like the little man that couldn’t wait to see the Messiah.  Like all sinners, waiting to get a look at the Savior of the world, it doesn’t matter what our size, our occupation, what is in our hearts.  Jesus loves all people – all sinners – all of us.

He was the chief tax collector of Jericho.  He was also a descendant of Abraham.  His own people despised him because tax collectors were considered corrupt as well as traitors to their own people.  Zacchaeus was also short – very short.  So short, that when the parade of people welcoming Jesus to Jericho, prevented Zacchaeus from getting a good look at Him.

He had a lot of things going against him, but he’d heard all about Jesus and he knew all he needed to do…

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