Bathsheba: Glorious Redemption

By David

Note: This is a fictional story
based on the biblical account.

“So Undeserving”
Bathsheba knew it was time to put Solomon down so he could sleep more comfortably, but she could not bring herself to let go of him.

Alice Krige as Bathsheba in the 1985 movie “King David”

“Oh Lord,” she quietly prayed, “I
still cannot believe You have given him to me. Even after two weeks I still cannot
believe it.”

She kissed the infant softly,
lowered him toward his bed, hesitated, kissed him again, then finally forced
herself to lay the child down. As she watched him sleep, Bathsheba continued to
marvel. “My sin, Lord, was so grievous and blatant, and yet …” She caressed the
child’s tiny body. “I am so undeserving, Lord. So undeserving.”

She was. The daughter of Eliam,
among Israel’s finest soldiers and one of King David’s elite fighting force…

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