Now that’s a croc

The Lions Den

Was watching a nature doc on the world’s most dangerous animals, specifically of the Asian variety. Monkeys, scorpions, tigers, elephants, pan bears, honey badgers, mosquitoes, cobras, and many more were all represented as just plain all around bad news- especially for humans.

Of course the wonderful pictures and vids of amazing creatures comes with the baggage of the usual thoughtless commentary of ‘a hundred million year old crocodiles which have not changed a bit…………..’  only to hear minutes later how the snow leopard evolved over a few billion years……..

Does anybody around here see why I despise modern so-called science? Can you understand why today’s science is yesterday’s golden calf, only to be worshipped as the latest god?

Will any honest person who has faced such imbecilic opinion dare say: this is not science? Will an honest person say the millions of years of ‘no change’ and the ‘billions of…

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