Theology in Motion

It’s always helpful to define your terms.

I am hearing the phrase “man-centered Gospel” a lot now. Some argue that certain Christian songs are “man-centered.” Some Christians accuse others of preaching a “man-centered Gospel,” where the focus is more on us than God. Unfortunately, I’ve even seen some Christians use the phrase to easily dismiss other Christians who disagree with their theology.

Let’s carefully define what we mean and do not mean by the phrase “man-centered Gospel.”

What a Man-Centered Gospel Is

Here is how I would define it:

A man-centered Gospel is when the Gospel that we preach does one of two things:

  1. Claims that we deserved or somehow earned God’s grace.
  2. Focuses solely on the benefits of our salvation without acknowledging that God is the One who saved us for His glory and that He alone deserves the praise.

In other words, if our Gospel preaches that God…

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