Fresh Ground Theology

This post is more of a reaction to Ehrman’s book Jesus Before the Gospels than it is a review. And, if you’ll kindly allow me to ramble on the subject, I will.

The Book

I picked up this book, or rather found it on my audio-book provider, while searching for something to read over spring break. While scrolling through the various spirituality nonsense that you find online, I stumbled across this book by Bart Ehrman. Now, the name Bart Ehrman has a rather insidious ring to it in my conservative theological circles, similar to Lucifer or theDevil. This is what attracted me to this book. I figured, “Well, might as well have a go of it. Perhaps he isn’t as bad as people make him out to be.”

The book is about memory and how our memories as very fallible. This is indeed the main stress of the…

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