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Summary 1 Kings 5:7-18:

The King of Tyre was pleased and praised God. He had the cedar trees cut down and floated he logs down by sea. He took payment in the form of food for his royal household. This relationship went on for many years, with Hiriam giving Solomon all the timber he wanted in exchange for food. They made a treaty together. The building of God’s temple began in earnest, with 10,000 men a month going to Lebanon and 70,000 men cutting stone and 3300 foremen to supervise. They removed stone for the foundation of the temple, and both the stone and the timber were prepared.

BSF Study Questions People of the Promised Land 1: Lesson 26, Day 3: 1 Kings 5:7-18:

6) Solomon got all the timber he needed in exchange for food from the King of Tyre. He coordinated the wood cutting and the stonecutters and had…

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