The Good Shepherd…

See, there's this thing called biology...

We had a good talk on Sunday in church about shepherds. It was actually called, “Shepherd or Charlatan?” There was lots of wonderful stuff said about the Good Shepherd and following His example. So what does a good leader, a good shepherd do? “Serves, loves, protects, and unifies.”

Really appreciate that last one, “unifies” because we are living in times of such deep division and separation. People too are always going to “people,” so you know, gossip, pride, anger, fear, ego, whatever, can all wreak havoc on unity. One of my favorite verses in the bible speaks of “preserving the unity,” not enforcing it, not creating it, not maintaining it, but preserving it. It is a done deal, it is already there.

Chuckling here, but you have no idea how much I have had to just lean into those words in Ephesians for the past decade. “…being diligent to preserve the…

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