Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts


Some days I am just flat out surprise at what God does through His Holy Spirit. I don’t see it coming but it happens. It is bewildering. It is amazing. It is astonishing.

  1. God is in a good moodand He sends His Holy Spirt into our lives. God does what He wants to when He wants to do it. That can surprise us but that is just the way God is. God knows what He is doing. We don’t much of the time.
  2. When I scan the biblical story, I can’t help concluding that following God brings a life of surprises.
    1. Whatever plans God makes and however I’ve tried to figure out God’s plans, I’m constantly greeted with surprises.
    2. I face turns in the story that I never would have anticipated. God’s plan again and again included things that would not have been included in the story…

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