Did God Really Give Us the Bible?

Fresh Ground Theology

This sermon explores the question of whether or not it is reasonable that we can claim the Bible as inspired. We are often presented with emotional or illogical reasons for why the Bible is inspired. This sermon is an effort to understand if we do indeed have a logical reason for claiming that the 66 canonical books are inspired. I preached this sermon on 3/24/2019. Below is the manuscript. The main portion where it differs is in the textual criticism section.


Tonight, let me begin by telling you a story. Several years ago, there was a child born to Christian parents. His parents couldn’t provide lavishly for him physically, but they filled his life with the Word of God. At the age of eight, he professed Christ as his Lord, even though he didn’t understand all that was involved. Through his teenage years, he was more or less a good…

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