“Everything that grace has ever taught one must be followed to the end of one’s life”

Eclectic Orthodoxy

When we talk aboutexistential knowledge of the Personal God, we have in mind community of being, not crude intellectual interpretation of the problem. Man-persona lives by God and in God. This reality can be expressed in another way—God takes possession of the entire man, mind, heart and body. The cognizantpersona and the God Who is cognized are conjoined. Neither the one nor the Other in any way becomes materia circa quamin this fusion. Reciprocal cognition—by God of man and by man of God—is a ‘personal’ matter which excludes ‘objectivisation’. This alliance of love is a spiritual act through which the Beloved becomes our life. By its genus, virtue, majesty, harmony and power, Divine love surpasses all that the earth knows. This being so, it is a marvellous thing that such a state be aprehended as the only one natural for man. How wondrous that He…

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