The lambs are not so silent

The Lions Den

More toward the welcoming of spring, which arrival is not too silent, as the lambs doth baa. Consider if you will then, the pretended wide and wonderful world of evolution, and the pseudo crap of lazy intellect, which suggests there is a NEED for both lamb and lion, a need mind you, unguided and unaided in the least by a divine hand, a NEED which can supply ZERO reasons why either should exist, AT ALL.

Yet, Mr. Skeptic and Mrs. Infidel have NEVER wondered WHY the lamb was so graced with the wool that was withheld from the lion, and why the lion was given paws instead of hooves. As I said, lazy intellect on display here.

I despise the godless reasons for life, because the cloak of intellect adorning such minds is so obviously ragged and reeks of intentional blindness. Tis not an aromatic flavor. The lion and the…

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