hqdefaultREAD JOHN 11:5-16

How many times have we Christians had our doubts?  Be honest about this question, because humanly, it is impossible to believe what God has laid out as the plan for our salvation.

Poor Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus.  Imagine being labeled as the “Doubter?”  This disciple had to be shown the marks of the spear and the nails which pierced Jesus’ at His crucifixion.  He had to physically place his hands in them and  touch the scars.  I have wondered why Jesus wasn’t completely healed of His wounds when He rose triumphant over death, but they had a purpose, didn’t they?  They remained so we Thomas could have proof and we could learn.

Thomas was a fervent follower of Jesus during His ministry.  Yet he is one who voiced his questions to Jesus.  They must’ve had a very solid relationship for Thomas to open up that way. …

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