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Summary 1 Kings 8:11-21:

Solomon speaks before the Israelites, praising God for keeping His promises to David and by having the temple built by David’s son (him) and for dwelling in the temple with the ark.

BSF Study Questions People of the Promised Land 1: Lesson 27, Day 4: 1 Kings 8:11-21:

8 ) God or the glory of the Lord

9) We see God’s glory in nature, in the heavens, the stars, the sky, and in His word and commands. His Holy Spirit reveals Him. We see God in other Christians since they have the Holy Spirit indwelt.

10) Personal Question. My answer: Everywhere with everyone. From my work colleagues, friends, family, kids to strangers and the barista at Starbucks.

11) Personal Question. My answer: Praise God when His promises are kept and fulfilled.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions People of the Promised Land 1 Lesson 27 Day 4: 1…

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