The Jesus we prefer

Laced up Lutheran

What kind of Jesus do you prefer? How about the 12 year old Jesus in Luke 2? Everyone loves that Jesus. I think most parents can relate to the situation and feel for Jesus’ earthly parents. Jesus, the pre-teen, trying to find his own voice, doing things by himself. In the end, he is found and I’m sure scolded, and then listens to his mother and follows along dutifully. We like when Jesus listens to us and follows us. Following, adolescent Jesus is handy to have.

Or maybe you prefer the Jesus of John 2? This would be the wedding feast of Cana where Jesus performs his first miracle in this Gospel – changing water into wine. Of course it only happens after his mother does the motherly thing and suggest he do something without actually calling on him to do something. Besides, this is Jesus making more wine for…

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