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David Ettinger

30 Years!
It was 30 years ago that renowned Hebrew-Christian Bible teacher and author Marv Rosenthal moved from his home in New Jersey to begin a new ministry in Orlando, Florida. As a Hebrew-Christian myself living in New Mexico (a New York City transplant), I had no idea at the time how much that move would alter my life!

The ministry Marv started is called
Zion’s Hope, which strives to bring the saving message of salvation in Jesus
Christ to the Jewish people. Here is an excerpt from our website:

Zion’s Hope is committed to the proclamation of the Gospel and the preparation of God’s people for Christ’s return and the end of the age. Zion’s Hope is a Bible-based ministry whose purpose is to proclaim to Jewish and Gentile people throughout the world their need for personal salvation through Jesus, the Messiah of Israel.

Yours Truly…

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