Acts 22 – Paul and Citizenship

Reading Acts

The most obvious connection to Rome for Paul was his Roman citizenship.  While it is a major issue in Acts, there is no reference to it in his letters.  This is not unusual since he often did not insist on his rights as a Roman citizen in Acts, there is no real reason to bring it up in a letter to a church.  The citizenship is stressed in Acts in the places where Paul is under arrest, and later when he appeals to Caesar.

Citizenship was not common in the first century, not everyone was guaranteed the privilege of being a citizen of the Empire.  In 28 B.C. there were approximately 4.9 million citizens, by the time of Claudius there were 5.9 million. Most of these lived in Italy or were serving in the army.

Privileges of Citizenship. A citizen was always subject to Roman law,  No matter where they…

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