The Kingdom Covenants Part 3: Gentiles in the New Covenant

Fresh Ground Theology

Finally, we will look at how we, gentile believers, fit into the kingdom program of God. The Author of Hebrews has a lengthy discussion on how Christ came to mediate the New Covenant. Jesus died in order to forgive our sins. By his gracious forgiveness, we are made righteous enough so that we may enter the New Covenant. But the Author of Hebrews says nothing about the Gentiles. For that answer, we turn to Paul. Paul plainly declares in his letter to the Galatians that Jews and Gentiles are made the sons of Abraham by faith in the death of Christ. And being united to Christ by faith, gentiles are made heirs of the promise to Abraham with the Jews. Does this mean then that the Jews as an ethnicity are no longer special before God? Absolutely not, as Paul says. In Romans 9-11, Paul clearly states again that Abraham’s…

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