Spiritual Minefield

John 18:37

37 “You are a king then?” Pilate asked.

“You say that I’m a king,” Jesus replied. “I was born for this, and I have come into the world for this: to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.

Being educated and even having a high status in this world doesn’t make one wise or to know the truth about God.

“Everyone who is of the truth” Those who are humble and would submit to God’s conviction are the ones that would be of the truth.

“listens to my voice” We are not here to give our opinion [eisegesis] on the Scriptures but we are to let it tell us what it is saying [exegesis].

Jesus is asking us today, to listen to Him and is not asking you what you think about Him. When we don’t…

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