NAIn a recent post at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, Peter Gurry shares some notes that he took at SBL Denver 2018 about the plans for the next editions of the NA29 and UBSGNT6. I too was sitting in that session where Holger Strutwolf was presenting the plans. But I did not take any notes, so I am thankful for Peter’s making his comments available.

To summarize, the NA29 and UBSGNT6 will share the same editorial committee. And the UBSGNT6 will perhaps have fewer variants than the UBSGNT5 in the apparatus to suit the practical needs of Bible translators in the field. Also, the committee is hoping to be able to publish the NA29 in 2022.

It is in fact great news that we will be celebrating publications of two critical Greek New Testaments in just a few years. But I must admit that I have some concerns.


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