“I’ve sinned. I’ve betrayed an innocent man.” ~Judas

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts


Jesus has been arrested. He has been tried by the religious elites. Judas changes his mind and tries to undo things. It is too late.

Am I Judas? I have missed God’s goal for my life (aka sin). Jesus, innocent and the perfect Son of God, died for me. I have been redeemed. I am saved from the fate of Judas. This is a stern warning for us all. Betraying Jesus leads to death. Accepting Jesus leads to restoration and life, like Peter experienced. I want life.

In the first light of dawn, all the high priests and religious leaders met and put the finishing touches on their plot to kill Jesus. Then they tied him up and paraded him to Pilate, the governor.

Judas, the one who betrayed him, realized that Jesus was doomed. Overcome with remorse, he gave back the thirty silver coins to the high priests…

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