New Bible Study Kickoff and Title Pic Contest

Michelle Lesley

Happy Wednesday, Ladies!

Today, we’re kicking off our new study…

…with a fun title pic contest!

It’s common these days to hear pastors say that they have a “vision” for the church. But how often do we stop and think about God’s vision for the church? In 1 & 2 Timothy, God’s instructions to a young pastor, we’ll see the beauty of God’s attribute of administration as He sets the practical aspects of the structure of the church in order, but we’ll also see His heart for the spirit of the church to be wholly oriented toward Him – for His glory and our good. This is church as it was meant to be – then and now.

But before we get started studying, how about a little fun?

You’ve probably noticed that I design a title picture for each Bible study I write. Here are a few past…

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