Three trees stood firmly planted upon a mountain high,

They served as guarding sentries and reached up to the sky,

When time was ripe and days drew near, God needed every one,

The one that stood between the two, would hold His own dear Son.

Each one would serve a purpose, to fulfill the prophesy.

The promise of redemption would hang upon a tree,

Two were common criminals, but Jesus bore no guilt,

He hung for three short hours, ’til all His blood was spilt,

One of the guilty criminals, knew this was God’s own Son,

The other mocked and laughed at Him, the judgment had begun,

The paschal lamb was sacrificed upon that middle tree,

He died so that new life would come, He died for you and me.

The trees have long been tossed aside, their purpose has been served,

The sinless Son took…

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