To celebrate International Astronomy Month we did a few activities from the Globe At Night website.Below are a couple of our submissions to the poetry contest.The first is by our little neighbor friend, Parker. The second is a limerick that Nate and I wrote together.He did the first stanza and I added the second.

Haiku by Parker (age 8)

I look up above and see

Jesse sees it too

A galaxy far away

Solar System Limerick by Nate (age 11) and Mrs. McEntee

Mercury is closest to the sun.

Venus is the second one.

Next comes Earth.

And Mars is fourth.

Moving out we’re half way done.

Jupiter is biggest of them all.

Saturn keeps her hoops on lest they fall.

Neptune’s blue.

Uranus too.

But Pluto’s now been judged too small.

We also did some entries for the art contest.

Below is a Hubble Image of…

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