Elihu's Corner

kyle-broad-29486-unsplash“Hello, my name is Elihu and I am a control-aholic. It’s been 24 hours since my last surge of anxiety and 3 days since I felt the need to control a situation.”

I do not post the above to tease programs like NA or AA. Such programs wisely demand honesty, confession, and accountability. Accountability forces us to think twice about our choices, whether we wrestle with gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, pride, selfishness, anger, etcetera. Confession encourages repentance because we do not want to bear the shame of confessing the same failures again and again.

For control-aholics, the urge to regulate every piece of our world damages our relationships—particularly our relationship with the Father. Anxiety and anger become our constant companions as we fight to regulate every aspect of our life.

Self-control is different than being a control-aholic. Self-control seeks to discipline the mind and body so as to be…

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