Three Lessons from the Cross

Becoming Bridge Builders

The Foundation text: Mark 15:21-41

In the first century, Rome executed criminals by crucifixion. It was intended to be a humiliating and agonizing experience. There was no concept of death with dignity for the guilty. According to “Roman Antiquities”, after a man was sentenced to die, he was stripped of his clothes and paraded through the streets of the city, so that his punishment would be seen by all. He was required to carry a 50 pound cross-piece, (or sometimes the entire cross, which weighed about 200 pounds) and as he stumbled toward his execution the soldiers would follow closely behind, whipping him along the way.

When they arrived at the place of execution, the criminal would be both nailed and tied by rope to the cross beam, and then would be lifted onto the cross. One minor inaccuracy we see in films and paintings of the crucifixion scene is…

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