Fasting! – Matthew 6:16-18


Fasting! – Matthew 6:16-18
By Pastor Lee Hemen
April 14, 2019

are some Christian disciplines that have gone by the wayside in our day
and age. Of course becoming a hermit and forcing every bit of persona
contact out of your life is not what Jesus meant when he said for us to
“go into all the world”. And I confess I like zippers, buttons, and
running water. However the disciplines of giving and prayer should be
practiced. Today we are going to look at the discipline of fasting and
why Jesus spoke about it.

I remember the first time I led a group
of youth to fast. After the first four hours some of them were already
going into fits about being hungry and that it was such a good idea for
them to do. We did it to focus on world hunger and our fast was only…

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