How Numbering Your Days Makes You Wiser

Becoming Christians

Do you want to be wise? Then learn to number your days. In this blog post, you will discover the importance of numbering your days and finding meaning in your life!

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If you have been on Facebook long enough, one time or another, you would have already watched a video made by Nuseir Yassin. If the name isn’t familiar, perhaps his travel video blog would ring a bill – Nas Daily.

Alright, if in case you really don’t know him, you can search him on the Internet.

Now, I’m not here to promote his video blogs, but there’s one particular video that caught my attention. The title of the video was “Why I wear the same t-shirt.” In all his video blogs, you would notice that he only wears a black or sometimes grey t-shirt with a bar meter.

Nas daily

The meter shows how much of his life…

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