We’re Turning Easter Into Something It Shouldn’t Be

Samaritan's Song

I assumed it was a circus advertisement.

The flyer advertised “the big top” with bright and colorful banners.  Fire-eaters and clowns were promised, as was carnival food, games, and giveaways.  Bemused, I went to throw it away, then looked more closely and realized that it wasn’t an ad for a circus.

It was an ad for a local mega-church’s Easter service.

This isn’t unusual.  My mother informed me recently that a local church in her area is giving away a trip to Pigeon Forge on Easter Sunday.  My mailbox has been full of promotional material from local churches promising giveaways, raffles, movies, major events, prizes, carnivals, games, and fun.

This bothers me.

I understand, of course, the fundamental motivation behind it.  Easter Sunday brings a lot of visitors to churches, some of whom have never attended and some of whom haven’t attended in a long time.  It’s one of the…

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