The light breaks through

Dear Lord,

As this Holy Week begins, it reminds us of how hard it is sometimes to get our priorities straight. The Jewish people and Pharisees were busy looking for signs. Judas Iscariot had many faults. One was his failure to see beyond his greed and expectations. He and many others wanted an earthly Messiah, not a Savior. Mary seemed to have the right priorities. Father, sometimes we struggle to decide which one of several good things should take priority.
Help us Lord, this week, this season to do a better job of identifying priorities. Jesus reminds us to set heavenly priorities and give us the strength following through on them. “25 Those who love their lives will destroy them, and those who hate their lives in this world will guard them for everlasting life. 26 Those who serve me must follow me. My servants will be with me wherever…

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