Promised Land…not perfect ðŸœ

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Still on my Bible in one year journey and I must say, I get more excited each day and look forward to another morning to get served another portion of this wonderful soul delicacy. The YouVersion app does an amazing job with the daily texts from the Psalms/Proverbs, Old Testament and the New. It all makes sense and I’m now able to appreciate it better as I read with understanding.

Now on the book of Deuteronomy, after reading the several accounts of the Israelites turning away from the Lord and me wondering what was wrong with them (the Holy Spirit prompting me about how many times I’ve fallen short and how much I’m in need of His mercy), the Israelites are finally about to enter the Promised Land; a land flowing with milk and honey. Moses gives them his final advice before he clocks out; his fate already sealed due…

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