Winners From my Library collection


Happy Palm Sunday 🌴! My three-year old came home with a purple donkey as a reminder 😉 💕 . May we remember Jesus sacrifice always and remember it especially this week. 15552871728433153106694856490270

Well, yesterday was the last day of National Library Week. My first degree was in library technology and I can attest to all the hours librarians and staff put into helping the community and teaching children through activities. 


This year the theme was:


I wish I could say I was busy volunteering. But the most I did was show up at a book festival ☺. I got to meet authors Susan Meissner and Marjorie Lewis. It was alot of fun and I have much respect for those behind the scene during this busy week.

Thank you for all who participated in my personal library giveaways!

The winners are:

Gail from Gail loves God blog, my  non-fiction


Lila Diller …

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