Age of Intellectualism/Dark Ages

His eye is on the sparrow

The Age of Intellectualism(13th Century to Present) has done as much damage to the reputation of God in its way, as the Dark Ages mythologies (myths and legends) of God did in its time. Put the two ages together, sift out the myths, legends and pseudo-philosophies from both; separate it all into general-likeness assemblages.

Document each item according to its kind. Set up display booths and stands in a carnival setting worthy of both “King Arthur” era and the “Space Age” era, add to it this technological/pseudo-science era with stupendous wide ranging set-up displays. Send out world-class invitations.

How much of a draw do you think there would be? Bet it would be unbridled in height, length, breadth, and depth. Overpowering in sensation the festivals of Carnival Week in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras New Orleans, commingled; along with all other universal party-animal carnivals and festivals, all assembled…

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

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