How Do You Know What To Believe: What Flat Earthers and the Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy drama have taught us about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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Flat Earth Theory

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called“Behind the Curve”about the rising popularity of the Flat Earth social phenomenon. If you’re not aware of this, in the past five years, there has been a spike in people, led by proponents likeMark Sargent, who argue the Earth is, in fact, flat. They believe the idea of a globe is a hoax propagated by government and big businesses. And they have a number of pretty clever and imaginative ideas and explanations for circumnavigation, shadows, gravity, flight patterns, etc.

From my perspective, the Flat Earth discussion is more fascinating forepistemologicalreasons than for physical reasons. In other words, many of the scientific calculations can be tweaked if we justadjust some of our assumptions, say, about gravity. So the math of it all can be debated dependent on some questionable variables.

The bigger…

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