Help Me!

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

“Help Me!” (Psalm 70:1).

Psalm 70 describes a personal crisis in the life of the psalmist. This crisis required the immediate help of God because, in this critical situation in his life, the psalmist recognized that only God could help him.

Today people have some of the same problems that the psalmist had hundreds of years ago. The greater our needs, the greater should be the urgency in making known our requests to God. No one but God himself can provide effectual help and guidance in times of distress.

However, God sometimes uses a person near to us who can provide the help we need. But, in our distress and problems, it becomes easy to withdraw our confidence in people who can provide the help we need. Thus, we refuse to ask for help, even though help is near and available to us.

People who refuse to ask for help…

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