The Atheistic Origins of Polytheism Part 2

Fresh Ground Theology

Eusebius’s Argument: That Polytheism is Atheism

The Theory of Origins

Eusebius argues polytheists explain the origin of the universe as pure chance, and not by creation of God or gods. And since they believe that chance is the creator of all things, then they are atheists in their beliefs about origins. This conclusion points to them as the true atheists. He supports this conclusion by citing the Library of History compiled by Diodorus. Diodorus begins by describing the creation of the cosmos in the following manner:

According to the original constitution of the universe, heaven and earth. . . had one form, their nature being mixed: but afterwards, when their corporeal particles were separated from each other. . . the air was subjected to continual motion. The fiery part of it gathered towards the highest regions. . .. but the muddy and turbid part of the air . . . settled down together because of its heaviness, and by…

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