My Adjunct life — The Patrologist

This is a follow-up and personal lament to the book review from earlier this week. I submitted my PhD dissertation in late 2016, and received my pass in March 2017. I graduated in September of that year, and it’s now 2019. I had already begun to realise how difficult it was going to be to…

via My Adjunct life — The Patrologist

2 thoughts on “My Adjunct life — The Patrologist

  1. I’m so sad Seamus. You were my online tutor for a subject last year. You have so much to offer and even online I could tell you would excel in face to face work. I too was frustrated by the online thing even just as a student but you managed to bridge the gap. Please don’t think that what you are doing is worthless. For people like me you are such a blessing and what you do is of enormous value. I’ll be praying brother.

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  2. The Patrologist seems to be in a sad place (as others who have commented here or on Facebook recognise), however, I am in hope that the lament here is rational and in perspective of the life’s of others. For example, >>>”I regularly feel exhausted, trapped, and unable to change my circumstances.”<<< could be the lament of a worker with a poor boss who grasps to his employment to pay the bills, or a wife in an abusive marriage who is holding a marriage together for the sake of the children, or a woman sleeping with children in a vehicle having escaped domestic violence, and so on.

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