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img_6634Numbers is the fourth book in the Old Testament, in the section known as either the Pentateuch, The Torah, or The Books of Moses. The majority of scholars agree that it was written by Moses through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Like Leviticus, there are passages which may seem dry or insignificant, and yet there is much to be learned in this section of the Bible. How do we read through it?

Understand the Theme

When I study the Bible with my kids, I assign a theme or central idea to each book to help them remember the main contents of that book:

  • Genesis is a book of “beginnings.”
  • Exodus teaches us about the Israelite’s exit from bondage.
  • Leviticus‘ theme is “Be Holy for God is Holy.”

The theme we use for Numbers is numbering and grumbling, because there’s a great deal of both!

I also like…

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