“Texts and Artefacts”: Paperback Edition

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The collection of some of my essays on NT textual criticism and early manuscripts, Texts and Artefacts, published in hardback in Autumn 2017 is now forthcoming in paperback, and so at a much cheaper price.  It’s due out in May and can be pre-ordered now at £26.09 here.   (See my earlier announcement of the volume here.)

Table of contents

Part 1: Text-Critical and Text-Historical Studies
1. The New Testament in the Second Century: Text, Collections and Canon
2. The Early New Testament Papyri: A Survey of Their Significance
3. New Testament Scholarship and the Dating of New Testament Papyri
4. God or Jesus? Textual Ambiguity and Textual Variants in Acts of the Apostles
Part 2: Manuscripts as Artefacts
5. The ‘Meta-Data’ of Earliest Christian Manuscripts
6. Manuscripts and the Sociology of Early Christian Reading
7. The Origin of the Nomina Sacra: A Proposal
8. The Staurogram in…

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