The Lions Den

Just as the Creator promised, the continuity of the seasons confirms that He is, that his word is good, very good even, that He can be trusted, and that there is absolutely no shadow of turning in Him.

When a friend tells you ‘I will meet you at 1 pm for lunch,’ then shows up at 2, here we see a drastic contrast that God is not like this. Sure, circumstances change whereby an employee may be running late for his shift, but God is faithful. Always. Not a minute late. Perfectly on time is He, as His measures are consistently accurate.

‘By the word of the Lord the hinds do calve.’ Do you ever think HOW this happens? Or how the locusts gather TOGETHER and plan their assignments? Or HOW, every year, the maple buds appear, then on their heels the green leaves? Then there is the rain. People…

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