Looking into the mirror

They said finding yourself would be as easy as looking into a mirror and accepting what you see.
I did what was told and big surprise; I didn’t like what I saw.
I saw someone desperate. Someone who craved love and acceptance so much and felt if she didn’t get it, her whole life meant nothing.
I saw someone ugly. The type of ugly that never goes away. The ugly duckling who doesn’t turn into that beautiful swan.
I saw someone fake. A girl who pretended to be Christian and know God, yet didn’t believe it for a second anymore.
I saw someone dumb. The dumb that makes you silent because you’re scared of saying the wrong thing. So naïve, you don’t even believe your own thoughts.
I saw someone self-centered. A person who is so self-loathing and sad, that they can’t even tell how it affects the people they…

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