Book Wins From Last Year


Happy Sunday! I was finally able to make a small dent to my TBR pile :).

I can’t remember when I won Many Sparrows but I believe it was during the summer through Lori Benton’s blog. 🤔

Wow, this is the first book I read by her and it blew me away!

DSC_1366 I wept as ALL my momma heart strings were pulled. This novel about a woman’s young son being kidnapped by native Americans after her husband’s murder is a must read for historical readers! The journey of how she marries into the tribe to be near her son and to spare her own life, will keep you turning the pages until the very end. The humiliations she endured by her son’s new mother, as she learned to adapt to a different culture, and the lessons of forgiveness will break your heart as she faces having to walk away from…

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