Fresh Ground Theology

The Development of the Gods

Eusebiusswitched subjectsfrom origins to thedevelopmentof the gods.Hewentfirstto Phoenicia, believing that its philosophers recorded theoldest theology. Next, hetraveled toEgyptandnotedthe changesthe Egyptiansmade to thetheology. Finally, hearrived at Greece and its development of theology. In all this, he arguedthat thegodsweremerely deified menand womenwho werevial and cruel at theircore. And thus, since the Greeks were worshippinghumans, and not God, they were therefore atheists.

TheDevelopment by thePhoenicians

For his Phoenician mythology, Eusebius drew from the work of Sanchuniathon,a Phoenician priest who lived shortly after Moses (c. 1300 BC).Sanchuniathon investigated the earliest knowntheologicalworks of mankindandwroteahistoryon the subject.Thishistory was translated intoGreek by Philo.InPhilo’s words, then, Eusebius records a summary ofPhoeniciantheology:

The first principle of the universe[Sanchuniathon]supposes to have been air dark with cloud and wind. . ..But when the wind, says he, becameenamouredof its own parents, and a mixture took place. . ..From itsconnexionMȏtwas produced. . .and out of this came every…

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