Private Joy

The Lions Den

How can we be sorry for good friends who are coping with what seems like misery……when they are not sorry themselves for the same perceived tribulations? How do we express pity or sympathy when what they are going through is more valuable than gold? But we are human. We understand another’s woes. Or do we?

When the Lord Jesus was reminded that Lazarus was nigh dead, (as if He didn’t know that they were already wrong) He had to face the seemingly aloofness considered by Mary and Martha. He did not care! Why doesn’t He go, Now?

Fact is, He did care. He does care. And the misunderstanding of a greater purpose, and the misappropriation given to the Lord by the dear women was not lost on Him, after all, He knows what is in man. But did not the Lord of glory say ‘I am the resurrection AND the…

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